The Valley

Back in the valley and it feels Good!  We went down on a days notice among 23 inches of fresh snow!  With wind and temperatures well below zero.  Our friends from Florida were a little skeptical to say the least.  At one point on the top of the pass I realized Christine was sitting straight up leaning forward squinting from the back seat to even see the road.  Mike and I were pumped!!  Coldsmoke Splitboards was up there demoing boards and shredding the new 23+ inches of snow. Thanks for the beta guys!  We stayed in a place called the Hot Tube Time Machine. If you ever go, it is the place to be. In the morning the sky was clear the snow was deep and the stoke was high.  This was the first or second time for some of our crew riding sleds.

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You could feel the anticipation sparkling in the -15 degree air.  The day went flawlessly perfect attitudes and awesome people at Colorado Adventure Rentals LLC. provided even more stoke.  The next 4 hours went by in about 10 minuets.  I can’t do the beauty justice but I will try to describe it as best as I can through the photos below.

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