Cristo Couloir

This day was the first time I have been skiing in over a month.  It is a weird feeling being so devoted to something and then not being able to it for a long time.  This day I was feeling nervous excited and pumped!  The Christo is close to 3,000 vertical feet of skiing from 14,000 down.  I was joined on this tour by my buddy Mike Staton.  This was Mike’s first fourteener.


The weather was perfect. Blue bird warm windless.  We really picked the right day, or more likely got lucky lol.  After a lucky mishap where I had to barrow Mike’s second set of Ski Poles, we were off!  I had just started a new training program and I was trying really hard to pace myself so I didn’t bonk.  We approached tree line and we were feeling good.  Thanks for the sour gummy worms Mike!


We are almost there, just 500 more vertical feet and ¼ mile.  It is right in this spot every time I climb where I get the downer feelings telling me to turn back.  It has nothing to do with my physical status it is purely mental as this last little piece seems to go so slow.  I have learned to anticipate this feeling so I can talk myself up when it happens.

I am on top of the world as I summit first, and mike follows in the next 5 minutes.  It is warm sunny and clear on the top of this mountain and there is a group of climbers drinking beer and celebrating, an awesome vibe!



We looked at skiing the north couloir but it looked nasty icy.  We had to down climb a bit to get to the Christo at which point we strapped in stood there for an hour. (Well I sat down.  Mike was ready to go the entire time.)  Finally, the snow corned and it was time to go.



Bliss Pure Bliss.

On the way out we had a bit of jibby sketchy spring skiing fun, and were back at the car by 1 pm.  I really needed this, and this day couldn’t have gone better.  Thanks again for the poles Mike.  I am glad I didn’t have to look like a penguin all the way up.   Hope you’re killing it up in AK!   Oh and one last thing here is a picture of my trip report in the AIARE field book.  Do you think my avalanche teachers would be proud or mortified? Lol



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