Timber Country

            Country like this is where the term big sky originates.  A person can see for miles without interruption.   This is a place where Native Americans, wapiti and tatonka roamed the valleys.  Large bluffs break the prairie and a sea of sagebrush fills the valley floor.  There is a line between the valley and the forest straight as a knife as if some invisible barrier stands there.  The sky stretches on forever, further than the imagination.  Clouds pass by such that you can see time passing.  You can feel the change in the seasons by the sharpness of the wind, and above it all there is an ever present silence almost eerie at times.  Time is different up here.


Speak softly and listen the land will tell you what you need to know.  Keep your scenes keen and you need not fear anything.  Wait and watch, you will know when to act.  The trees whisper in the wind and the streams laugh and bubble down the mountain.  Lay down in the grass and rest there is no rush.  Speak to the animals they are our brothers and sisters.  Slow your pace and you will notice the things you have been missing.




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