Winter 2017/2018 Video

Hello Everyone!

This has been a crazy winter for me.  I’ve had some ups and downs and a lot of sitting around waiting for the snow to show up.  To give you an idea of what I mean by this here is a short recap.

First I started to rock climb. I know wrong time of year lol.  However, I recognized this as a major weakness in my mountaineering game and so I decided to try and do better.  Also, I Enrolled in and completed the Colorado Mountain Clubs High Altitude Mountaineering school and Advanced Crevasse Rescue.  I rode a few 13ers, had a lot of training days in the wind and built a few jumps.  Also I researched and applied to everywhere I could think to work, including an interview with RMI in Washington (hiked a bit in my off time there) and a lot of places in Alaska.  Finally I accepted a job offer to be a hiking guide in Denali National Park this summer.  I fly out in a little over a week!  Phew that’s a lot right?  Well in addition to all of this I have been lucky enough to meet some new life long friends spend time with people I haven’t seen since I was a child.  I even got a job teaching rock climbing at a local gym.

Below is a quick season edit from the few days I was able to get out and film during all of this chaos.  I hope you take something away from it.  I suspect I will have more time to write in Alaska (when I am not in the bush) so I will leave this one with a see you soon and happy springtime everyone!  Thanks for all your support!



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